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Meet the gang: Yoga Maya

Hello, animal lovers! It's time to introduce you to the gentle gourmet of our sanctuary.

Amidst the gentle rhythm of grazing hooves, there exists a soul who, at 19 years young, embodies the wisdom of age and the joy found in life's simple pleasures. Meet Yoga Maya, the oldest matriarch of our herd, whose serene presence and love for the finer things in life paint a portrait of a true connoisseur among our sanctuary companions.

A cow looks at the camera

Yoga Maya, affectionately known as The Foodie, has gracefully navigated the pastures of our sanctuary for nearly two years. Her slow, deliberate movements carry with them the wisdom accrued through years of experience, offering a calming energy that envelops all who share the space with her.

This seasoned beauty has a heart as vast as the rolling fields she calls home. Gentle and loving, Yoga Maya's favourite pastimes revolve around the simple joys of life - people, food, and treats, in no particular order. Her affinity for human companionship makes her a cherished member of the sanctuary family, as she bestows her affection on all who cross her path.

A woman cuddles a cow

However, it is Yoga Maya's passion for exquisite flavors that truly sets her apart. A true gastronome, she revels in the joy of culinary delights, and her love for treats knows no bounds. Yet, amidst the variety of offerings, there is one delicacy that holds a special place in her heart – the humble digestive biscuit. Approach her with this treasured treat, and you'll find the key to unlocking an even deeper bond with this gentle gourmet.

We invite you to savour the tranquility and culinary delights of Yoga Maya's world, to witness the slow-moving grace and the tender affection she bestows upon all who share her company.

Stay tuned for more "Meet the Gang" stories as we continue to unveil the delightful and unique personalities that grace our sanctuary with their presence.

With love, Yoga Maya 🐄❤️

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