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Welcome to our blissful cow sanctuary, where we offer three services designed to uplift your spirit, nurture your soul, and deepen your connection with the natural world and our beloved cows.

Sanctuary Tour and Cow Cuddling:

  •  Our sanctuary tour, led by passionate guides, introduces you to our cherished cows, each a radiant being with a unique soul story. Feel their energy, hear their wisdom, and witness their gentle presence as we guide you through their world. And then, in a moment of pure bliss, engage in heart-to-heart cow cuddling, a unique exchange of love and healing energy.

  • From September to April, the weather can be cold and muddy, making it less suitable for our cows to stay outside all of the time. In the best interest of their well-being, we bring them into the warm and cosy confines of our barn.  

Self-Guided Meditation:

  • Step into a realm of profound tranquillity as you embark on a journey of self-discovery through self-guided meditation. In the heart of our sanctuary's lush embrace, find your own peaceful nook, where the symphony of rustling leaves and gentle breezes will serenade your senses. Here, under the open sky, you can embark on a sacred exploration of mindfulness, reflection, and spiritual connection.

  • Please select the Cow Cuddling service and let us know in the comments that you wish to engage in self-guided meditation.

Yoga, Uniting Body and Soul:

  •  Awaken your inner harmony amidst the beauty of our sanctuary's landscape. Our self-directed yoga service invites you to practice yoga in a setting that mirrors the serenity of your spirit. Let the earth be your mat and the sky your canopy as you flow through asanas of your choosing. This is more than yoga; it's a spiritual dance, a celebration of life's rhythms, and a union of body and soul.

  • Please select the Cow Cuddling service and let us know in the comments that you wish to engage in self-directed yoga.

Alternatively if you would like to come sit and soak up the environment next to a cow and contemplate, equally you are welcome. 

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    From 10 British pounds


We kindly ask all visitors to come prepared with suitable footwear. To fully enjoy your visit and ensure your comfort, we recommend wearing walking boots or wellington boots (wellies) when exploring our sanctuary.


At our sanctuary, we believe that every service we offer is a spiritual pilgrimage, an opportunity to rediscover your inner light and connect with the divine presence in all things. As you immerse yourself in the joyful and sacred experiences we provide, may you find peace, joy, and a deeper sense of purpose.

Come, bask in the happiness and serenity that our sanctuary offers, and let your heart soar as you commune with nature and our beautiful cows.


We eagerly await the privilege of sharing these transformative moments with you.

For the Cows

Cow Companions operate on a working animal sanctuary.  If you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy our visitors, please feel free to donate to our cause and help these animals live a happy and fulfilled life.

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