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Friends of Cow Companions

At Cow Companions, we cherish the profound connection that binds us all together. It's with this sacred understanding that we extend our hand to uplift fellow businesses we hold dear. Below, you'll discover a sanctuary of businesses nurtured by friendship and shared values, each embodying a unique essence waiting to be explored. We invite you to journey alongside us, as we celebrate the spirit of community and champion the success of those we hold close to our hearts.

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Nature's Divine Oils

Sally is a Naturopath with over a decade of experience working in Holistic health, based in West Wales working locally, plus also online. Sally uses the purest natural health tools within her practice such as Essential oils, to assist with the effective healing of varying health issues, bringing balance; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as a whole picture of our best wellbeing. 


Sally and her daughters had a lovely, timely, visit to cow companions in 2024, and were delighted to be able to end up helping both Grahame and the cows with some Essential oil healing solutions, this merges Sally's present healing modalities with her previous Veterinary Nursing experiences which is pleasing!


If you'd like to browse Sally's site or get in touch at all please visit

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