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Places to stay nearby

Welcome to our dedicated page showcasing delightful accommodation in close proximity to our cherished cow sanctuary. Nestled in the heart of serene surroundings, these handpicked lodgings offer a perfect blend of comfort and convenience for visitors eager to experience the beauty of our sanctuary. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of cozy cottages or the modern amenities of boutique hotels, our curated selection ensures a memorable stay that complements the tranquility of the sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere, knowing that after a day spent with our gentle bovine friends, you can retreat to these welcoming abodes to recharge and reflect on the unique bond between humans and cows. Explore the diverse options presented here and make your visit to our cow sanctuary an all-encompassing experience, where the warmth of hospitality seamlessly intertwines with the gentle spirit of our cherished animal companions.


Over the hills & far away


Wildernest is a haven set in the coastal hills above the delightful Aeron Valley. It is a place to opt out, relax and be yourself.

Please note, the website states that the property is closed until Jan 2024, however our wonderful friends are happy to open the property for those visiting us at the sanctuary.

Dihewyd, Lampeter SA48 7QR


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