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We're delighted to have you here, and we can't wait to hear about your experience with our beloved cows! Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, as it helps us continue to provide a heartwarming and memorable sanctuary experience.

Whether you've just visited us or you're planning to, your thoughts, comments, and suggestions are what drive us to create a sanctuary filled with love, connection, and joy. This page is your space to share your insights, stories, and impressions.

We encourage you to be candid and expressive in your feedback. Tell us about the moments that touched your heart, the connections you formed with our cows, and the experiences that made your visit special. If there are areas where we can improve or enhance your experience, we're all ears.

So, without further ado, we invite you to share your thoughts and be a part of our community's journey towards love, joy, and the profound connections we build with our cow companions. Your voice matters, and we can't wait to hear from you!

With heartfelt appreciation, Cow Companions 🐄🌟❤️

The cows are absolutely brilliant and Grahame is a fantastic host who you can clearly see has a really strong bond with his cows. If you like cows in the slightest this is a must do experience. We will definitely be returning many times. Thank you Grahame for making my family so welcome


Thank you for a wonderful experience. Grahame knew so much about the cows and his love for them shone through, which really added to our experience. They are such lovely, gentle beings and I would recommend everyone to go and spend time with them! We will definitely visit again

Cow Companions came into my life during a particularly challenging period. I've always loved cows and their gentle energy, so I treated myself to a cow cuddling session at the sanctuary. For two blissful hours, I chatted with Grahame, learned the cows' stories, and shared lots and lots of cuddles with the gang.​Grahame's guidance and the cows' presence eased my stress. I left feeling replenished and eager to return for more. Cow Companions is a sanctuary of love and solace. Thank you for the serenity and joy you've brought into my life.


We loved the experience! Grahame was a wonderful host, so informative of the cows and an absolute pleasure to spend time with.  

We honestly had a really good time, we love what you do for the cows and keep doing it!

The cows were so kind and soft towards us and it really felt like we were able to bond with them

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