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Hi, my name is Gaura and I have been involved in the protection and well-being of cows for around 25 years.

I have been running my own sanctuary for around 15 years, which is called...

Sri Lakshmi Gaushala Cow Sanctuary

Over the years my appreciation has grown and grown for the cows. These beautiful beings who emanate such love, gentleness and innocence have become my life. I hope the passion that drives me to help and care for them comes across as you browse this website.

As a child as soon as I knew what a farm was i wanted to be a farmer ,although not really knowing what it entailed - at 16 I became vegetarian so forgot about that idea! I developed an interest in Hinduism, joining a temple at 19, and became a monk and a cow man for their cow sanctuary . So my wish was fulfilled until I left there in my mid twenties.

One day after some years, I was thinking how happy i was caring for cows, and living in a situation where land was available, I made the decision to start my own sanctuary - although not owning the land i got permission and had little money.  Two Jersey calves were purchased. 


After a couple of years the property was sold, and somewhere else became available with buildings and land which we moved to. One of the Jerseys had a calf and later another, when she escaped from the field and was found by a kind police officer, who popped her in the nearest field to get her off the road.  He didn't realise there was a bull in this field and so a new life was introduced to the world.  As time went on a pregnant cow came to join the herd, followed by a calf.   

After about three years this property was sold.  At the same time a friend moved from Gloucester to Wales and wanted to buy a small holding and offered for the cows and myself to move there. When a suitable property was bought we moved, which has been our home for the past 15 years.

We now have 12 cows, some of the herd have been given to us by a local farmer and others from people who could no longer keep them. Unfortunately, we have reached our limit in regards to shed space / land available and can't expand any further at present.


I enjoy making our own hay, and caring for the land - keeping it organically fertilised with our cows manure. I do some agricultural contracting for small holders as a way to cover some of our own feed costs and sometimes get hay in return for work done.

We have expanded our sheds ourselves and, wherever possible, try to treat the cows with natural remedies for any ailments they occasionally get.


We have been doing cow hugging for a little over a year and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, to share my passion with people, for people to come and share love with cows and to take something away with them.   

I have had to live on trust that ends will be met, which at times has been a cause of anxiety and worry. However by grace always all needs have always been met. The cow hugging income has greatly reduced my stress and worry over finances and i am eternally grateful to all those who participate and support our sanctuary.


A few things i have learnt is to not let fear of failure ruin one's dreams. To trust and be grateful. 🙏

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We aim to bring the beauty of these cows to the masses in the form of Cow Companions, the first-ever cow-hugging therapy service in Wales. Not only to benefit the visitors who interact with the cows by connecting with them, but also by raising funds to help care for them for years to come.



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