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Our vision is to create a compassionate and sustainable future for cows in need. We envision expanding our existing sanctuary to provide refuge for more cows, offering them a haven of safety, care, and respect.

In pursuit of a broader impact, we are committed to supporting the establishment of additional cow sanctuaries across the UK. By collaborating with like-minded organisations, we aim to create a network that extends the reach of our collective efforts, ensuring that more cows find solace and protection.

Furthermore, we aspire to pioneer positive change in the dairy industry by opening a no-slaughter micro dairy. In this innovative and ethical space, calves will remain united with their mothers, fostering natural bonds and nurturing a model of compassion that challenges traditional practices.


Through these initiatives, we strive to inspire a paradigm shift in how society views and cares for cows, promoting a world where kindness and empathy define our relationship with these sentient beings.

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Our mission is to cultivate a deep appreciation for cows and their inherent nature by fostering knowledge and understanding. Through innovative initiatives such as cow cuddling, we aim to share the innate calmness and serenity of these remarkable beings with the public, creating unique and meaningful connections.

Driven by compassion, our sanctuary is dedicated to raising the necessary funds to provide ongoing support and care for cows in need. We believe that by creating opportunities for meaningful interactions and promoting awareness, we can build a community committed to the well-being and protection of these gentle creatures.

Together, we aspire to create a world where the profound connection between humans and cows is recognised, valued, and celebrated, ensuring a harmonious coexistence and a brighter future for all beings.

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  • We aim to bring the beauty of our cows to the masses in the form of Cow Companions, the first-ever cow-hugging therapy service in Wales. Not only to benefit the visitors who interact with the cows by connecting with them, but also by raising funds to help care for them for years to come.


To raise enough money through our services and online shop to:

  • build a sand yard for our herd to have safe outdoor access during the winter months when the weather is too wet to use our fields - approx. £8k

  • build a separate shed for our farm machinery and increase the space available within our barn - approx. £10,000

  • extend the barn to increase the amount of space available for our herd.  This will also allow us to help more cows in need by providing additional space for additional cows - approx. £4000

  • purchase land to secure our sanctuary for the future.  This would ensure our sanctuary can continue into the future and will also allow further extensions to allow us to help more animals in need 

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