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Meet the gang: Purnima Devi

Hello, animal lovers! It's time to introduce you to the shy beauty of our sanctuary, Purnima Devi.

In the heart of our sanctuary, a graceful presence moves with a gentle spirit and the legacy of generations. Meet Purnima Devi, a 2-year-old enchantress who holds the title of the youngest in our gang and proudly carries the torch as the third generation of the illustrious Devi line within our sanctuary.

A cow looks into the camera

Purnima Devi's lineage is steeped in the rich history of our haven, tracing back to her mother, the venerable Cokila Devi. Both mother and daughter share the unique distinction of being born within the nurturing embrace of our sanctuary, weaving a tapestry of family bonds that resonates with each hoofbeat.

A beautifully natured and inquisitive soul, Purnima Devi is a portrait of grace in her own right. Shy by nature, she carries an air of mystery that only adds to the allure of her presence. As the days unfold, Purnima Devi, like the blossoming petals of a delicate flower, finds herself growing braver with each sunrise.

a young cow

In her quiet moments, Purnima Devi navigates the sanctuary with a graceful charm, leaving a trail of curiosity in her wake. Her shy demeanour only enhances the joy of each interaction, as the sanctuary community watches in awe at the blossoming courage within this young and inquisitive spirit.

We invite you to witness the captivating grace of Purnima Devi in person, to experience the delicate beauty and evolving bravery that she brings to our sanctuary family. Stay tuned for more "Meet the Gang" stories as we continue to unveil the unique and remarkable personalities that grace our haven with their presence.

With love, Purnima Devi 🐄🐾❤️

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