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Meet the gang: Guru Seva Dasi - The Wise Matriarch

Welcome to another edition of "Meet the Gang," where we unravel the enchanting stories of our sanctuary residents. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Guru Seva Dasi, the eldest soul in our herd, whose life unfolds like a tapestry of love, loss, and quiet wisdom.

Guru Seva Dasi's journey began two decades ago when her mother became the inaugural member of our sanctuary, marking the genesis of a profound legacy. Though time has passed, the memory of her mother and brother lingers in Guru Seva Dasi's heart, a poignant reminder of the enduring bonds that transcend the boundaries of existence.

A cow looks into the camera

A twist of fate introduced an unexpected chapter in Guru Seva Dasi's life. A kind-hearted police officer, guided by destiny, inadvertently led her mother back to the wrong field after a daring escape. It was within this serendipitous encounter that her mother crossed paths with Guru Seva Dasi's father, laying the foundation for the next generation, culminating in the wise matriarch we know and love today.

In her younger days, Guru Seva Dasi was a spirited force—a feisty individual navigating the vast landscape of the sanctuary with vigor. However, as the sands of time settled, a metamorphosis occurred, and she transformed into the laidback loner who graces our pastures today, embodying the serene beauty that accompanies age.

a cow in a field

Approaching Guru Seva Dasi is an invitation into the world of profound connection. While she revels in the simple pleasure of a back scratch, her nuanced wisdom imparts a gentle piece of advice: approach from behind. In this space of trust and respect, Guru Seva Dasi finds solace, allowing the bond between human and bovine to flourish in the tranquil haven of our sanctuary.

Guru Seva Dasi's presence is a living testament to the intricate tales woven within the fabric of our sanctuary. Her story, marked by love, loss, and the quiet strength that accompanies the oldest in the herd, serves as a reminder of the collective wisdom etched into the landscape of our sanctuary. We invite you to meet Guru Seva Dasi in person, to witness the gentle grace and enduring spirit that define her presence in our sanctuary family.

If you would like to meet Guru Seva Dasi in person, click 'Book Now' 🐮

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