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Meet Krsna: The Trouble Maker with a Heart of Gold


In the lively tapestry of our sanctuary, there's a charismatic character who goes by the name Krsna – a bovine mischief-maker with a heart of gold.

Gifted a home here by an old farmer, Krsna has woven his way into the fabric of our sanctuary with his playful antics and unique approach to everyday objects. In this blog post, we invite you to get acquainted with Krsna, "The Trouble Maker," whose mischievous spirit is balanced by a heart full of affection and charm.

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A Soft Spot and a New Home:

Krsna's journey to our sanctuary was guided by the benevolence of an old farmer who seemed to have a soft spot for this charismatic troublemaker.

Alongside another lucky cow, Krsna found a new home within our sanctuary, where his mischievous energy has become an integral part of the vibrant atmosphere.

The Inventive Trouble Maker:

Krsna's playful nature extends to his creative use of everyday items. Take, for example, his water trough, which serves a dual purpose as both a footbath and an impromptu pond – especially on those occasions when it happens to flip. His inventive ways add a touch of spontaneity to the sanctuary, showcasing his ability to find joy in unexpected places.

Shaking Heads and Tongues Out:

If you catch Krsna shaking his head with his tongue out, you might wonder what's causing this animated display. It's his unique way of expressing dissatisfaction or a little bit of mischief. But fear not, for behind this playful exterior, you won't find a single bad bone in Krsna's body. His antics are a source of amusement, bringing smiles to the faces of all who encounter him.

A cow lies down in a field. Cow cuddling, cow hugging, cow therapy, wellness therapy, cow experience, animal therapy

Tail Scratch Enthusiast:

Krsna has a soft spot, and it's not just with his human friends. The base of his tail is a magic spot – a source of pure bliss for this troublemaker. A good scratch in this favored spot and you'll witness Krsna's eyes closing in contentment, revealing a gentler side to his lively personality.

Affection Unleashed: Licking Expressions:

To Krsna, affection is a language spoken with a wet touch. He expresses his fondness by showering those around him with gentle licks. It's a heartwarming gesture that unveils the caring and affectionate soul beneath the trouble-making exterior.


Krsna, The Trouble Maker, is a delightful presence in our sanctuary, adding a touch of humor and inventiveness to our days. His journey, from finding a soft spot in the heart of an old farmer to becoming an integral part of our sanctuary family, is a testament to the unique personalities that thrive in our haven.

We invite you to visit and meet Krsna in person, to experience his playful spirit and, perhaps, witness one of his inventive water trough escapades.

Stay tuned for more stories from our sanctuary, as we continue to celebrate the diverse and charming personalities of our cherished residents.

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