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Cokila Devi: The Protector with a Heart of Gold

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Nestled in the heart of our sanctuary is a remarkable soul, a bovine beauty named Cokila Devi. Born and raised in our sanctuary, Cokila Devi has known a life of tranquility, joy, and an unwavering bond with her mother, Janmastami Devi.

In this blog post, we invite you to meet Cokila Devi, not just as a cow but as "The Protector," a fierce guardian, whose story embodies the spirit of love and protection.

A Peaceful Beginning:

Cokila Devi's journey begins on our sanctuary, where she was born and has since thrived. Her days have been filled with the gentle rustle of the wind through the fields, the warmth of the sun on her back, and the camaraderie of fellow sanctuary residents.

Growing up surrounded by love and care, Cokila Devi has become a symbol of the peaceful coexistence we strive to provide for all our cherished animals.

The Fierce Guardian:

What sets Cokila Devi apart is her role as a protector. She graciously shows her appreciation to her mother, Janmastami Devi, by being a fierce and devoted guardian. With watchful eyes and a sturdy presence, Cokila Devi ensures that her mother feels safe and secure within the sanctuary's embrace.

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The Journey into Motherhood:

As Cokila Devi awaited the arrival of her first calf, a new chapter unfolded in her life. The anticipation made her a bit hungrier than usual, and she remains always on the lookout for a tasty morsel. Her journey into motherhood was a testament to the natural cycle of life that we celebrate here at the sanctuary, and will always remember the joyous moment when her calf took its first steps on the farm.

Cheeky, Inquisitive, and a Bit of a Madam:

At just four years old, Cokila Devi is a bundle of energy and personality. Described as cheeky, inquisitive, and a bit of a madam, she brings a playful spirit to the sanctuary. Despite her mischievous streak, she has a heart of gold and a genuine love for making new friends.

A Social Butterfly:

Cokila Devi's love for making friends extends to our visitors. If you decide to pay us a visit, don't be surprised if this spirited cow comes over to say hello. Her friendly demeanor and curiosity make her a delightful companion, and she loves being the center of attention.

Joining You on the Grass:

One of Cokila Devi's endearing qualities is her love for a good fuss. If you find yourself sitting on the grass, taking a moment to rest, don't be surprised if this charming cow decides to join you. Her company is a testament to the bond that can be formed between humans and animals in the tranquil surroundings of our sanctuary.

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Cokila Devi, The Protector, embodies the spirit of love, protection, and the beauty of the natural world. Her story, from a peaceful beginning to her own journey to motherhood, reflects the sanctuary's commitment to providing a haven where animals can thrive.

We invite you to meet Cokila Devi in person, to witness her playful spirit, and perhaps share a moment of connection that transcends the boundaries between species.

Stay tuned for more stories from our sanctuary as we continue to celebrate the unique personalities and journeys of our cherished residents.

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