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Meet the gang: Surabhi

In the heart of our sanctuary, there's a vibrant and curious soul that radiates enthusiasm and joy like a beacon. Meet Surabhi, a 12-year-old cow who has an innate ability to turn even the gloomiest day into a bright and cheerful one. In this "Get to Know Me" blog post, we invite you to learn more about Surabhi, affectionately known as "The Excitable One," whose boundless excitement and love for back rubs make her an unforgettable presence in our sanctuary.

Surabhi. Cow cuddling, cow hugging, cow therapy, wellness therapy, cow experience, animal therapy

The Excitement Dynamo:

Surabhi is a cow whose zest for life knows no bounds. She finds joy in the simplest things – a hearty meal, a playful romp with her fellow residents, or the sight of a friendly face approaching her pasture. Her eyes sparkle with unadulterated delight, and her tail wags with infectious enthusiasm. Surabhi's boundless excitement serves as a reminder that happiness can be found in the little moments.

The Magic of a Back Rub:

If you're looking to make Surabhi's day, all you need to do is find that perfect spot for a back rub. She's a master at guiding you until you hit the sweet spot, and when you do, her eyes close in pure contentment. Her love for back rubs has made her a cherished member of our sanctuary community, as both volunteers and visitors alike enjoy the sheer delight of bringing a smile to her face.

A Friendship that Changed Lives:

Surabhi's journey to our sanctuary is a testament to the profound bond between animals and humans. Her dear friend, Agnes, who lived next door to her field, couldn't visit anymore due to her declining health. When Agnes learned that Surabhi was leaving, she was determined to ensure her friend's happiness. In an act of incredible kindness and love, Agnes raised the funds to secure Surabhi's permanent home at our sanctuary. This beautiful story reminds us of the power of friendship and the extraordinary connections that exist between humans and animals.

Surabhi. Cow cuddling, cow hugging, cow therapy, wellness therapy, cow experience, animal therapy

Surabhi: A Radiant Soul:

Surabhi is more than just a cow; she's a ray of sunshine in our sanctuary. Her playful nature, her affinity for back rubs, and her ability to bring happiness to those around her serve as a constant reminder of the incredible impact that these gentle beings have on our lives.

Surabhi, "The Excitable One," has become an integral part of our sanctuary family, symbolising friendship, compassion, and the limitless joy that animals like her bring into our lives. We invite you to visit our sanctuary and meet Surabhi in person, to experience her infectious enthusiasm, and perhaps even share a back rub that will warm your heart.

Keep an eye out for more "Get to Know Me" stories as we introduce you to the remarkable residents of our sanctuary, each with their own unique tales of resilience, love, and hope.

Surabhi. Cow cuddling, cow hugging, cow therapy, wellness therapy, cow experience, animal therapy

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