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Enhancing Your Cow Cuddling Experience: A Note on Deposits

A bull stands on a hill

Hello, dear friends and fellow cow lovers! We hope you're all doing well and staying as excited as ever about the prospect of cuddling with our beloved cows here at our sanctuary. We've always cherished the idea of sharing the joy of our beautiful cows with as many people as possible, and your visits have brought warmth and happiness to our bovine companions.

In the past, we've operated on a purely donation-based model for visits to our sanctuary. This approach has allowed us to welcome people from all walks of life and share the love and affection our cows have to offer. Your generosity has been the backbone of our mission, and for that, we are deeply grateful.

However, it's with a tinge of regret that we must address a recent issue that has prompted us to make a change in our booking process. We've encountered a significant number of false bookings, which not only disrupt the experience for genuine visitors but also affect our ability to maintain the sanctuary.

Therefore, after careful consideration, we've made the decision to introduce a deposit requirement when booking your cuddle time with our cows. We understand that this might be a change from the past, but please rest assured that it's a measure we've taken to ensure that your experience here remains as wonderful as ever.

The introduction of a deposit is meant to protect the integrity of the experience for everyone. We want to continue welcoming you with open arms and ensure that you have a chance to form a genuine bond with our cows. By requiring a deposit, we aim to minimise the impact of false bookings and provide a more secure and enjoyable environment for all our visitors.

We understand that change can sometimes be met with uncertainty, but we want to emphasise that our commitment to offering a heartwarming and memorable experience with our cows remains unwavering. Your contributions, both in the form of deposits and donations, will continue to support the well-being of our bovine family.

Thank you for understanding and supporting this adjustment to our booking process. We look forward to continuing to share the love and joy of our beautiful cows with you, ensuring that each visit is a truly special and authentic experience.

As always, your love and presence mean the world to our cows and to us. We can't wait to see you here at our sanctuary, and we're dedicated to making every visit a heartwarming and memorable one.

With love and gratitude,

Cow Companions 🐄🌟❤️


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